Understanding Fears

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Understanding Fears

I understand these fears and hesitations, because I’ve held on to them myself. Then I discovered how much energy I was wasting by having little mental arguments with myself. For instance, I’d think: I should go to the gym today. Then I’d think: But I haven’t spent enough time with my kids this week. On and on. I’d argue with myself.

“Enough!” I finally told myself. “There has got to be another way through all this!’ There was . First I learned how to take small steps toward accomplishing big goals. Its the old write-one-page-a-day-and-you’ll-have-a-book-in-a-year approach, but the funny thing is, it worked, and it really is true. Second, I looked for ways to complete these small steps in the spare time I had waiting in line at the bank in between my children’s time, which we enjoy so much, I got out of writing my troubles down on to paper and my fear of showing and releasing them was a feeling of great spirits.

Another way I have accomplished my fears is facing them right from the start and asking for help , that was the most scariest thing for me to do is to ask for somebody’s advise but I guess when you want to understand your fears its good to get other peoples advise because they have been through it as well.
Published: 2006-04-20
Author: Deborah Pleydell
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The things you look at change.
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