Women – The power


Women – The Power

It often happens when we have something, we don’t value and when we lose it, we regret. Is that the human nature? Might be true, but “time and tides waits for none.” what is lost, it is lost forever.
Yes! Mighty lord wanted human being to be cared, preserved, nurtured and cared. So, he comes in form of women on the earth.

A woman is an epitome of love, care, joy, patient, humanity, trust, motivation, guidance. Her never ending strength speaks her power. She is like that color which mixes with other colors to give beautiful shades of relationships. This exceptional beauty makes her a unique creature on earth.

A little fairy like child when born in any home brings happiness as a gift for others. She becomes a sweet daughter and granddaughter and also a caring sister. When small, she is dearer to her father and when grows becomes a best friend to her mother.

Every girl grows up having lots of dreams, aspirations and desires to fulfill. She would not spare a moment to live her dream if given a chance. It is true that when women dreams, she dreams to get into action not to remain in dreamland.

Medical, engineering, journalism, sports, business, politics, fashion, films and family, there is no field escaped where women has not marked her presence. She has touched zenith leaving behind men with her sheer hard work and dedication.

From iron lady Indira Gandhi, Kiran Bedi, Indira Nooyi, Naina Lal Kidwai, Kalpana Chawala, Sunita Williams, Sushmita Sen, Sania mirza, P.T.Usha, Deepa Mehta, Mira Nair and the list might go on for the women of substance who have created their own niche among the male dominant society.

A woman is a home maker. She is so adaptable that when married to a boy, she ties knot with his beloved family too. She accepts the voyage of different environment with new relationships by being a wife, daughter-in-law, sister in law and a mother by giving birth to a baby.
As a soul mate to her husband she bears his entire burden equally for lifetime. A woman converts a house to a home. She is such a calm being that no turmoil can weaken her. With every set back she becomes stronger and come out with flying colors.

It’s petrifying to see that in spite of her devotion and gleeful nature some members of our society want get rid of this beautiful being on this earth. Their heinous act of practicing child infanticide, sexual abuse, physical and psychological harassment has questioned humanity. Their masculinity is at the cost of the life innocent being. As I mentioned above human being lose his valuable things due to his ignorance.

Well, the character of women is so vast that it can not be pen down in a paragraph or summarized in sheet of paper. Therefore it can be understood that without existence of women human being and humanity is in peril.

Published: 2007-03-10
Author: meenakshi
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